180 Answering Listener Emails! Public Bathrooms, Dress Codes & Mainstreaming Veganism

We’re answering some listener emails this week that allow us to expand on recently covered topics: public access to bathrooms, the oppressive nature of dress codes, and what we really mean when we say veganism shouldn’t be “mainstream.”

In This Episode

After receiving several interesting emails, we decided to respond to some of them on air this week in order to further conversations around bathroom access, dress codes and mainstreaming veganism:

Sarah gave us an update on public restrooms in Germany; then Crystal asked a great question about restricting bathroom access due to drug use issues. Article referenced in response: Public Restrooms Have Become Ground Zero in Opioid Epidemic (DrugAbuse.com)

Dress Codes:
Teresa asks our opinion on dress codes, and really clothing in general, which led us to a great conversation about the fashion industry, fashion as a form of self-expression, and the inherently and historically oppressive nature of corporate dress codes.

Mainstream Veganism:
Imogen closes us out with a GREAT question about what we mean when we say veganism shouldn’t be “mainstream,” pointing out that most vegans want veganism to be adopted by the majority so that the world will stop eating and exploiting animals. We loved this question because it helped us to realize we need to clarify this when we talk about it in the future.

Thank you to our amazing listeners Crystal, Sarah, Imogen, and Teresa for the thoughtful emails!

Joke in the Middle
What does bread do after it’s done baking?

Special Shoutout
A very special thank you to the organizers and attendees of VegFest Calgary! We had a great time at the event despite the wild weather, and loved meeting the listeners who came out to say ‘hello!’

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  • There’s a great documentary called The True Cost (it’s on Netflix) about where our clothes come from. I would recommend a VWPA episode on it! Along those lines, how can I be sure the apparel in the VWPA store is not from a sweat shop? Also, doesn’t this goes against the VWPA anti-capitalist mantra?

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