182 Intent vs Impact. Let’s talk about it.

Exhausted from a whirlwind week at the 2018 Animal Rights Conference, we talk about intent vs impact in terms of what that really means and how it can be applied to building stronger relationships.  

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Having a lot of recent experience, directly and indirectly, with conflict and advocacy, we take a moment to talk today about intent vs impact. When you become an ally, you are told that intent doesn’t matter, only impact does. But this is a simplification if we’re talking about building lasting, strong relationships and practicing restorative justice. This is a VERY nuanced conversation, we hope our listeners can hear what we are saying. There’s certainly no requirements for how a victim should process their experience, but there’s also a disheartening trend in social justice warrior (SJW) spaces to burn each other to the ground over mistakes or honest misunderstandings. We hope that together, by practicing restorative justice and giving each other space to come together and process (when appropriate), we can build a stronger, inclusive, compassionate movement. Joke in the Middle
What do you call waffles on the beach?

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    • Martha Readyoff
      Thank you so much for this conversation! It has been a kind of emperor’s new clothes scenario, where so many people have felt this way but thought they were alone, and therefore nervous to bring attention to it. Thank you for taking the time to have this nuanced, thoughtful discussion, and keeping sight of the goal of creating strong, healthy relationships through respectful, charitable, and compassionate conversations.

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