183 Thoughts from the 2018 Animal Rights Conference

After having time to get acclimated back home, we’re ready to talk about the 2018 Animal Rights Conference!

In This Episode

We recap our overall thoughts, feelings, and experiences from the 2018 Animal Rights Conference, in this post-#TimesUpAR era. Nichole is feeling sick from the heat, so show notes are sparse today, love y’all!

Joke in the Middle
What did the cell say when his sister stepped on his foot?

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  • Thanks for this. It is indeed shocking that Hershaft was there – but not surprising of course. The greatest injustice of FARM – reflecting how fecked up the movement is – is that it took them to 2016 to induct Tom Regan into the “animal rights hall of fame.” The person who wrote The Case for Animal Rights falls behind the likes of Freidrich and Matt Ball – disgusting.

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