187 When Victims Attaaaaaack!!! Aka The Dangerous Implications of “Accusation Phobia”

Inspired by a frustrating family dinner conversation, Callie wanted to talk about the dangerous implications of our collective concern for the perpetrator in the era of #MeToo where people wring their hands over “lives being ruined” by accusations for things that “happened a long time ago” or “aren’t that bad” aka what we’re calling Accusation Phobia. Lots of “air quotes” ahead.

In This Episode

After a family conversation about #MeToo, Callie wanted to talk about how victims are completely erased in conversations by moderates when they twist themselves in concern over the potential of false accusations or the loss of career for people who did things that they consider “not that bad” or happened “a long time ago.” Nichole talks from her experience of feeling silenced by this attitude, how it perpetuates a fear in victims that what happened to them isn’t bad enough or important enough to warrant justice. We also discuss the concept of restorative justice and why a culture of it would help everyone in these situations, but also why it’s nearly impossible to implement in today’s environment.

Joke(s) in the Middle
What snake is exactly 3.14 meters long?
What kind of doctor was Doctor Pepper?

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