190 Advice Episode! B12 Supplements, Sex-Shaming, Imposter Syndrome, and more!

We’re here for another round of advice! We received amazing questions from our listeners that cover a wide range of topics, including supplementation, activism that avoids triggering others, and being vegan while struggling with social anxiety.

In This Episode

We want to thank our amazing listeners who submitted thoughtful questions this week for our advice episode:

How do I respond to inquiries about B12, especially when they seem like excuses not to go vegan?

How should I respond to people calling me “picky?”

I’m following a whole foods plant-based diet to help with my chronic illness, but I’m finding social media spaces for whole food plant-based diets to be judgy, triggering spaces. Where should i go for support?

My boyfriend is sex-shaming me but is otherwise a good partner. What do I do, what do I say to him?

I am struggling with imposter syndrome at work, and it’s making it difficult to make a big decision about my career path. How do I overcome this?

I want to promote veganism, but want to be sensitive about triggering disordered eating in others and myself. I also work with people on food stamps and am aware of their very real lack of access to healthy foods. How do I talk to people while avoiding being triggering or oppressive?

How do I speak to non-vegan activists about veganism?

I have social anxiety and it makes being “out” as a vegan difficult and can trigger my disordered eating. How do I navigate a world that isn’t vegan-friendly, and how do I make peace with eating non-vegan foods when I binge to cope?

Joke in the Middle
Why did Karl Marx fail out of school?

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