196 Activism Series: Episode 3 – Pleasure Activism & Answering the Question, “Is Short-Term ‘Harm’ Justified for Long-Term Gains?”

Our series continues this week with an analysis of the true spirit of “pleasure activism,” and whether tactics that might create short-term harm are ever justified if they result in long-term good.

In This Episode

Olivia’s second question this week:

Another question is, do you think temporary “harm” justifies long-term good? I just read a lot of anarchist and alternative media promoting pleasure as a kind of resistance; living a good, healthy, connected life is inherently rebellious to capitalism’s monotony. But in our current situation that unfortunately means a lot of spending; on nice food, travel, books, media, etc. Do you believe it’s good activism to purchase those things anyway, and promote to others to start prioritizing pleasure over work, understanding that in the short term it will probably spike consumption but in the long term might warm people to more leftist views? The idea of living a more fulfilling life is what draws most people to these ideologies in the first place: is it fair to then demand of these people to halt as much consumption as possible? (I don’t mean this in a pro-consumer way at all, I just know in terms of reaching the average person these are complaints I get a lot)

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What do you get when you cross and elephant and a rhino? CALLIE TOLD A JOKE I’M NOT EVEN KIDDING

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