199 Movie Analysis of Ferdinand: Toxic Masculinity is a Load of BULL! (hehe, get it?!)

This week we talk about Ferdinand, the adorable animated film by Blue Sky Studios that is based on the children’s book The Story of Ferdinand.

In This Episode

Don’t be a BULLy, be yourself! We dissect Ferdinand, the sweet story of a bull who doesn’t want to fight. We were impressed by the way the film seeks to dismantle toxic masculinity messages that children receive from the world and, sadly, often their parents. A heartwarming film with a great message.

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Joke in the Middle
What do you call a sleeping cow? Why are bulls afraid of archery?

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  • Movie idea. Around Halloween I watched The Girl With All The Gifts and if you guys have seen it I’d like to hear your thoughts on it.

    • We have seen it! We watched it a while ago and really enjoyed it. It’s been too long to remember the particulars but we were impressed with it. What did you think about it? – N.

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