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249 Send in the White Terrorists: Joker, Violence in Media

Joaquin Phoenix dressed as the Joker, with text that says Send in the White Terrorists with White Terrorist crossed out and replaced with the word clowns

Nichole took one for the team and saw Joker in theaters this week so we could talk about the “controversial” film receiving rave reviews from the Whites. Content warning for descriptions of white male rage, violence against women, murder, white supremacist ideology.

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248 Book Review: The Testaments – A Giddy Romp Through Gilead!

A woman in a white hood and green robe against a dark blue background with spy glasses on

We’re being totes topical for the second week in a row by discussing The Testaments, the new novel by Margaret Atwood that is a sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale. Also an advice question about helping very young vegans cope with seeing others consume animals without vilifying them or getting overwhelmed.

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247 Movie Review: Ad Astra…the Anti-Interstellar? But Still a Space Adventure about a White Dude’s Daddy Issues.

Brad Pitt looking out of a space vehicle with a speech bubble saying

This week in off-brand topical timeliness, we went to see Ad Astra in the theaters and are here to talk about it. Part movie review, part movie analysis, we do a spoiler-free section before moving into spoiler-full about our conflicting thoughts and feelings about this beautiful but frustrating film.

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246 Contextualizing Context: Nuance’s Best Friend.

A stack of newspapers

We had a few loose but important threads this week to pluck and ponder that were all united along the theme of context; something that we’re often told doesn’t matter by rigid SJW scripts or, conversely, is exploited by oppressors out to avoid criticism.

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245 Random News & Stuff: Turning Veal into Beef, Colonizing Spaaaaaace, How Much Work is Good For You, and more!

A stack of newspapers

We’re switching up our format to replace news with an advice question, so this week we’re doin’ all news and other random stuff we’ve pinned to talk about that’s not enough for a full episode.

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244 Hail Satan? Documentary Analysis: Discussing Satanism, Religion and Activism

The 'Hail Satan?'' movie cover - clouds with the Statue of LIberty that has a goat head

Per a listener request in the VWPA Society, we watched Hail Satan? this week and were inspired by it to talk about Satanism, our views on religion and blasphemy, and how the actions of The Satanic Temple and their philosophies relate to vegan activism.

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243 Advice Q&A: Religious In-Laws, Letting Your Radical Activism Shine, Advice for 20-Somethings, and much more!

Yellow background with circle shapes in white, teal and red-orange'=

We answer a host of amazing listener questions this week; including how to make friends in a new city when you’re radical AF, complimenting women, and many more. Thank you to everyone who submitted questions!

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242 Rise & Grind Culture, Suffering for Your Art, and Other Thoughts (Part 2)

Person with sunglasses on looking tired and over it

We’re continuing our conversation inspired by Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette on Netflix, and a ColdCrashPictures YouTube video critiquing harmful cliches in the art industry, particularly the film industry, around “rise and grind” culture and the idea of suffering for your art, starving artist syndrome, etc.

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241 Nanette: Art, Capitalism, Entitlement, and the Creative Process (Part 1)

Title screenshot of Hannah Gadsby's Nanette on Netflix

Talking about the themes brought up in Hannah Gadsby’s Netflix stand-up comedy special, Nanette, around an audiences entitlement to creative content, comedy, the creative process, our capitalist approach to art, and so much more. So much more, in fact, that we ended up only covering about half of what we wanted to, making this an unplanned part 1!

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240 Individual vs Systemic Critique and Listener…eh, It’s Complicated.

Blue design that says # its complicated

We discuss when we should criticize things on an individual vs systemic level, inspired by a listener comment that has Nichole on 5. Maybe 6. Just amped enough for a few sassy comments.

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