200 A Very Random Episode

An episode so random, we didn’t even know it was our 200th! So, whoo for us. We talk about the Trump administration, voting, and then some things that came up in the VWPA Society – namely, guidelines for talking about autism, calling cow’s milk a “secretion,” and lab-grown meat and obligatory carnivore companion animals.


In This Episode

We’re back from a weekend trip to Tijuana to talk about rando topics that came up in the VWPA Society and voting in the (today’s!) midterm elections.

Joke in the Middle
What do ghosts eat on Halloween? (Thanks Ozzie!)

Voting Resources

  • Vote.org – check your registration, find a polling place, see what’s on your local ballot, and more!
  • Our Revolution – Bernie Sanders Movement’s website to help citizens support progressive politicians.

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