207 Advice! Government, Veganuary, Fighting with Family, and Service Animals

This week we’re tackling questions from our listeners, including a WIDE range of topics, everything from what form of government/economy should replace capitalism, down to the good ‘ol traditional friction with family over veganism.

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In This Episode

We asked you to ask and you did and now we’re answering! Thank you as always to everyone who submitted questions, they were very thoughtful and nuanced, as always.

Condensed versions below, full versions read on air.


  1. Mohera (she/her): What kind of government should we have instead of one based on capitalism?
  2. Anonymous (she/her): I’m a vegetarian who has committed to Veganuary – what do I do about eating while traveling?
  3. Nina (she/her): I got into a bad argument with my sister over my veganism and now we’re not talking. My mom is pressuring me to let it go but I can’t reconcile her lack of respect for my values – what should I do?
  4. Kirstie (she/her): How do you feel about service animals?

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