208 Staying Strong in the New Year

Hello kittens, Happy New Year! Considering the last two years have been rough, and the next two are not showing any signs of slowing, we’re here today to talk about how we can stay strong in the upcoming months.

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In This Episode

Today we go over our favorite tips for staying strong as an activists, and as a sensitive humans, so we have the power to fight the good fight for another year.

We were so inspired by a question submitted in the VWPA Society for our recent advice episode: “What gives you the strength to not give up? In veganism, but also in other endeavours.” that we decided to dedicate an entire episode to it. Though not very planned out, we think the conversation that we had in this episode was important.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on what keeps you strong when the world feels like it’s burning around you!

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