211 On the Government Shutdown

We’re popping off about the government shutdown today – this irresponsible pressure test that we’re all failing. Plus, capitalism sucks. Shocking, coming from us, we know…

A government building with the sun shining behind it

In This Episode


Joke in the Middle
Why don’t lions like playing cards in the jungle?

Main Topic
We’re very cranky this week, be warned. Today Callie pops off about the government shutdown while Nichole tries to form coherent sentences, up until she finds a burst of rage-energy near the end.

We talk about how fucked up the shutdown is, how many people are affected and how those people may never recover their lost wages. But we also talk about the rash of “heartwarming” stories being shared and how they are not heartwarming at all, rather a way to keep us all focused on the “good” so we don’t get pissed enough to fucking riot, like we should.


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