212 Lotsa News + Advice Question: The Ethics of Working a Non-Vegan Job

Today we discuss some current events at length, and then talk about a question posed by a member of the VWPA Society that questions the ethics of having a job that is not vegan, and that might require you to go directly against your vegan morals.

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Kirsten (k- EAR-sten), she/her

I’m struggling and I’m needing different points of view on this topic. I work in the restaurant industry and have for close to 15 years. It’s the only career I’ve ever known and a career I previously adored… then came veganism. I’m new to veganism (8/18) and have struggled with the ethics of my job since making the transition. I have worked in every position (other than the owner) and am currently working with a hospitality group in their corporate office. I work in the accounts receivable department and was originally very excited for the upward move in the company. The reality of this job is weighing on my heart, however. Every day I come into work I start my day with verifying and approving invoices for dairy, meat, seafood, etc… My approval then, in turn, leads to vendors getting compensation for animal products. My hospitality group has added many vegan options to their restaurants’ menus and they frequently seek out my advice on how to better serve the vegan community.

With this being said, is my job aligning with ethics? The answer is a resounding no. I was curious, what is your opinion on vegans working in a non-vegan hospitality job? Would you consider this to be more ‘immoral’ than say a corporate office job with a tech company?

Lastly is it worth it to stay and influence the company, knowing they will never be a fully vegan company? Sincerely, the vegan who can’t get off the struggle bus.

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