214 About Dating and Stuff! So…We’re Both Queer…Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

In an unexpected turn of events, we decided to finally come out on today’s episode. Forgive us for being a bit scattered and a little tipsy!

Rainbow glitter

In This Episode


Joke in the Middle
What do you experience when you hear a clever joke? Thanks, John!

Main Topic
So…we initially recorded the main topic to talk about our experiences with cishet (cisgender, heterosexual) dating and our frustrations with the way we see gender roles reinforced and try to break away from them, but none of it really made sense without knowing that we have both realized over the last year or so that we are queer (both identify as pansexual) and Nichole is nonbinary (identifies as genderqueer, which she’ll talk about more on another episode).

Since this was taped late after dinner, it’s probably all over the place, but we’re happy and excited to be out so we can talk about our experiences more openly in the future. Happy Valentine’s!

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