218 Dissection in the Classroom (Part 1): A Very Vegan Episode

Listener Kirstie kindly donated her time to a research topic that we’ve wanted to cover for ages dissection in educational settings. This is our first topic in a while that’s hella vegan, whoop! Nichole had to run to catch a train to L.A., so we are splitting this into two parts. Today’s episode covers the history of dissection in classes, statistics on animals, information about degree programs and requirements, and students’ reactions to dissection.

In This Episode

CONTENT WARNINGS! PLEASE READ BEFORE LISTENING This episode contains a difficult news item about rape by police (time stamp: 8:24 – 20:34 ) The main content discusses dissection and the treatment of animals sold for these purposes. We tried not to get too graphic, but some of the information could be too much for sensitive listeners.


Joke(s) in the Middle

What will happen if Trump wins the presidency?
I used to work in a shoe recycling plant…

Main Topic

Thanks again to Kirstie for her phenomenal research on this topic!!! In part 1 of our (U.S.-centric) Dissection in the Classroom two-parter goes over a history/overview of dissection in the classroom, the policies or guidelines in high schools and universities, where the animals used for dissection come from, and some criticisms of dissection from students. Resources Referenced for this Episode
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