220 Nichole, Molly and Everett Answer Your Gender Questions

This week Nichole is joined by guest hosts Molly Woodstock (from the Gender Reveal podcast) and Everett to answer listener submitted questions about gender!

In This Episode

The trans-nonbinary folks take the mic to talk about gender, answering listener questions ranging from raising kids in a nonbinary way, to what the future of gender holds. Molly hails from the Gender Reveal podcast where they talk about all things gender (HIGHLY recommend if you want to learn more after today’s episode, and just also highly recommend in general). Molly has been on the show several times before, to talk about gender, asexuality, and the Equal Rights Amendment. Everett is a friend of the show, studies anthropology from a trans perspective (adding a nice academic viewpoint to the show), and runs a custom design lash company for drag queens called Lash Corps where they make g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s lashes for performers (and kitties, lol).

Thank you to our co-hosts for their invaluable input, and to our listeners for their thoughtful questions!

Questions (summarized, full versions read on the show) Jess (she) Are there coping mechanisms that have served you well for dealing with being nonbinary in a binary world? Also Jess contributed this meme that made Nichole laugh for like five days:
David (he) Views on pre-birth baby parties themed on the child’s gender? Chanel (she) Advice on raising a child without gender expectations or conditioning, in a world where I know they will be gendered and conditioned based on their presentation? Mohera (she) How do you feel about cis/straight folks using the term “queer” (as an identifier, not a slur) Mallory (she) How can I break the habit of addressing strangers as ‘sir’ or ‘ma’am”? Katherine (she) Should we strive to use gender-neutral pronouns for the animals in our lives? Laura (she) Are nonbinaryism and gender-nonconformity the same thing? Regina (?) Why is the “ideal” image for beauty and femininity not called “toxic femininity” the way we refer to the ideal image of masculinity as “toxic masculinity”? Aren’t they both harmful? Katherine (she) Should we strive for a world where no one is assigned gender at birth? And should we raise our children as non-binary now? Carolyn (?) Over the past 20 years, the dialogue around gender has changed from abolishing gender roles and seeing gender as a tool of oppression, to now where gender has become a tool of empowerment, as something to discover, design and take pride in. What are your thoughts on this – do we need to dismantle gender anymore? Or reclaim/redefine it?
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