221 Service Animals

Listener Julie was kind enough to provide us with research for an episode about service animals: where they come from, how they are trained, what are the alternatives to non-human assistance for disabled folks.

In This Episode


Joke(s) in the Middle

Do you want to hear a joke about construction? (thanks, Marja!)

What do you get when you cross an elephant and a rhino? (thanks, New Amsterdam!)

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Main Topic

Thank you to Julie for this wonderful research!!!

Content Warning: discussion of use of animals for service, training and breeding practices

Before you listen: we do not want this episode to be interpreted as ableist or blaming those who need animal assistance; rather to shed light on what the reality of service animals are and how we should be trying to shape the world to facilitate these functions without the use of a non-human animal, through technology, process or human assistance.

Topics covered in this episode: where do service animals come from (breeding, training), how are they assigned to folks in need, some services that these animals provide, what the working life of a service animal looks like, ethical issues with service animals, and alternatives.



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