224 A Different Take On Identity Politics

And unsettling theme is emerging among neoliberals… In striving for more diverse representation, are we starting to prioritize a candidates identity, over their actual policy positions?

A brick wall with graffiti that reads, "If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes truth" but the word truth is crossed out and replaced with the word politics

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The Past, Present, Future walked into a bar….

Main Topic

After the 2016 election, a lot of political commentators were criticizing the rise of “identity politics”, a phenomenon that basically meant people were *gasp* debating issues and voting based on the “social” issues that impacted their daily lives! Callie and Nichole, in a cross-over episode with The Bearded Vegans, talked about why the rise of “identity politics” not only made sense, but was a good sign of growing inclusiveness.

This week the Prinxesses dust off the term “Identity Politics” to share their concerns with the way this concept seems to have changed in the two years since the 2016 election. What used to mean voting based on the issues that effected our identities, now seems to represent voting based on what “boxes” a candidate’s identity checks.


Since we mentioned a few different politicians and our criticisms of them, we wanted to provide links to those stories. 

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  • well actually vanilla sky is a remake of a spanish movie abre los ojos soooooooo you can have the same film with a totally different actor :) (eduardo noriega) (penelope cruz plays on both) and much better and disturbing too

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