226 “It Really Pushed Me Out of My Comfort Zone!” – Ableism and Anti-Consent in the Workplace

Team-building activities, ice-breakers, assigning people to tasks they are ill-suited for…the oh-so-many ways jobs strip us of consent under the slimy pretense of pushing us out of our comfort zones…

In This Episode


Nichole’s News Items (Whaaaaaat)

Joke in the Middle

I used to work in a clown shoe factory…

Other Things in the Middle

We’ll be speaking at the 2019 Animal Rights Conference!!! Hope to see you there!

Main Topic

Nichole recently had a traumatizing experience at work that made her want to talk about all the ways that our jobs force us to do things with our bodies that cause us pain, discomfort, trauma with a smile on our faces. So many commonplace work activities are steeped in ableism and anti-consent, and yet to say anything targets you as “not a team player,” or worse.


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