229 So…Let’s Talk About It.

No news or jokes this week – we’re talking at a high level about what went down in the VWPA Society this week, and expanding it to a larger conversation around privilege, identity, and take down culture.


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    To quote Jay Z “we don’t believe you, you need more people.”

    I’m not a member of the VWPA Society Facebook page, but I listened to episode 229 and have listened to 80% of your other podcast episodes.

    I don’t understand how either of you can be so tone-deaf as to be confused or hurt by accusations you’re hiding behind white fragility when your podcast is proof that while you both often mean well (that does come across, I’ll admit), you can also be insufferably White Feminist. Again, I don’t know what went down in the VWPA Society, but I highly doubt it was one incident that caused some to lash out the way they did.

    You guys routinely refer to “white guys” and “white men” with derision throughout many episodes in some weird way to distance yourselves from your own white privilege. I guess you think if you can make white men the boogey man, then clearly you, as white women, are off the hook. But it doesn’t work that way. After white men, white women are the most protected and elevated group on the planet. White men provide for you, promote your “beauty” and “purity”, and use everything you claim to hate or disavow (their toxic masculinity, their power, their entitlement, their aggression, their need to dominate and subjugate and wage war) to make sure you are the most coddled. The protection white men provide white women is so powerful, your tears are enough to get people killed and racist murderers off the hook. The only time it doesn’t work so well, is against white men themselves, but more on that later (e.g. The corporate culture you both rant about every other episode). And the majority of white women are clearly aware of these advantages and voted in the 2016 Presidential election accordingly. Trump winning was white people, men and women, staying on code.

    Your votes in that same election also prove you are very aware of and take advantage of your privileged status as white women. You didn’t care about the very real consequences for marginalized people when you had the audacity to state “Hillary would have been just as bad.” Then, much like the privileged anti-vaccination parent nut jobs, you used a sort of herd immunity (living in racist, but still “liberal” California) to excuse your votes—you were able to stay pure and noble (even though you voted for frauds) while you counted on the rest to hold their noses and vote like adults (like the smart black women who did their best to save this country from itself). How can anyone take your concerns for the “marginalized” seriously? How can you be shocked and amazed you’re called racist? My point is that the resentment some have towards your stance on race has probably been brewing for a long time.

    And let’s talk about your continued use of “people of color”—as if we’re one giant monolith of needy victims who depend on you good white ladies who know what’s best, to rescue us. The fact that you continually position your whiteness as normal, the standard, and everyone else as other (vague “of color”) is gross. Your Identity Politics episode? Disgusting. You have a lot of fucking nerve lecturing “people of color” that the very real human desire and/or impulse to want to see people who look like them reflected in candidates who will have a stunning amount control over their lives is somehow unsavory or “unfair” was one of the most manipulative episodes you’ve ever done. Using your whiteness as the standard—as if your voting for white candidates is pure and without agenda (bullshit—as I’ve already explained white women voting for white men IS white women voting for their best interests and identity) is easily one of the most racist things you’ve ever espoused on your podcast.

    The fact is, the only time you are not extremely privileged is evil Corporate America, in which white men refuse to allow your white women tears to hold total sway. From white men’s perspective, you’re in THEIR house. They’re not about to let you run shit in their own fucking house. And that’s why those episodes, whiny and entitled as you come across in them, perform so well: your passion is REAL. I hear the outrage in your voices because it’s coming from a genuine place. You can’t believe your privilege doesn’t extend to your work environment and truly want things to change—if it trickles down to us lowly “people of color” and other “marginalized”, all for the better, right? I have never heard that same passion when discussing “people of color” or even veganism, to be honest. And it makes total sense! White daddy isn’t letting you get away with your bullshit in HIS house and it infuriates you. How dare he not let you wear pink hair and come and go as you please or require a degree? How dare he not let your throw your weight around the private business he OWNS or let you dictate the rules?

    And it’s all about white daddy for the both of you—your inner conflict is painfully on display: The same white fathers who abused you also protected you (in the form of racist police/military/government they run) provided for you (giving you Corporate America in which, after them, you directly and indirectly benefit) and gave you respectability (by giving you their white male last names and positioning other races of women as sluts to keep you pure) and power (by giving you an entire country that stays on code and prioritizes your wants and needs as white women-as long as they don’t conflict with other white males). You are complicit in not only your own oppression, but the rest of ours—and then demand we trust you! You can talk shit about white men in every episode—cool, but don’t for one moment think anyone buys the idea that you really want anarchy or to topple a system that favors you so heavily. Even when you talk about doing your totes radical princess podcast full time—you have no problem with the idea that the majority of your listeners will have to be employed in Evil Corporate jobs to support your white dreams. Again, white women, and you specific two white women, showed your ENTIRE asses 2016—we will NEVER FORGET. So, no, demanding the benefit of the doubt from “people of color” is just your trying to bully us in to allowing you space to be as gross as you want to be without repercussions. Yeah, you listen to The Read and steal our slang, but we know you’re just tourists who have the comfort of retreating to fragile whiteness when you get called out. Oh so NOW you don’t believe in “take down” and “Cancel” culture?—have you listened to your own episodes? With your snide remarks about “normies” (many of whom are also “marginalized” people who don’t have the luxury of pink hair and talking about anarchy and being snotty at work) and full on attacks against other prominent vegans YOU had no problem calling racist? Girl, bye.

    • Thank lord you have mr, Farrakhah, amirite?? LOL

      Oh yeah, Jay Z, the new Malcolm X… poor marginalized guy

  • Gerardo Tristan

    Don’t mind that very toxic person and culture. They are awful and detrimental to POC. Keep it up!

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