231 Media Analysis: The Handmaid’s Tale (First Three Episodes of Season 3) = The Whitest Worst

The Handmaid’s Tale is at it again, and by it, we mean White Feminism. Lingering close-ups of June’s snarls have us ranting about all the ways in which this show is an irresponsible tale of fragility and entitlement.

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Why couldn’t the two little elephants go swimming? (Thank you, Dre!)

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Main Topic

For some silly reason, we’re still watching The Handmaid’s Tale even though we mostly hate it and we’re here today to talk about it. Beyond issues we may have with the execution of the material, our focus is on what we see as an irresponsible fixation on the character of June as a hero in a world where race and transgender identities are ignored. A world where a resistance, formed largely by women of color, is treated as if it is simply waiting to be taken over by a white woman prone to childish impulses and who has yet to execute a single plan or mission successfully (y’all, she’s been IMMEDIATELY CAUGHT so many gd times…). Given that this show is reflective of experiences that have not only happened in real life so many times, but are currently happening today, we cannot bear this shameful ignorance in a show that is so topically important. Though it was obvious through the narrative arc of the show, we have confirmed that Bruce Miller sees this as June’s story, and his quote illustrates everything wrong with this show:
“…Bruce Miller, creator and executive producer of the television series based on Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel, says he is “not in the business of inventing cruelties”.
“I don’t want the show to be torture to watch. It is entertainment and you want people to be compelled by it. You don’t want it to be horrible medicine,” Miller said.
“I’m not interested in putting the audience through torture. I try to only show the things that we need to see to understand where June is emotionally and mentally,” said Miller. “What I’m trying to do is tell the story of June’s survival and victory and it’s a long, slow slog.”
“We want to show what a hero really looks like – someone who is stubborn. They get knocked down; they get bruised, and they pick themselves up and try again,” Miller said.” The Jakarta Post (article link below)
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