232 Black Mirror Season 5: Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too Analysis

We’re digging into our feelings around the latest season of Black Mirror, starting with Episode 2 and 3, focusing mostly on Episode 3 titled Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too. Oh honey…

In This Episode


Joke in the Middle

Why did the tomato blush?

Main Topic

The internet is on fire about how much it HATES season 5 of Black Mirror but we think everyone should chill the fuck out ¯_(ツ)_/¯ We liked it so we’re here to talk about it! We’ll cover episode 1, Striking Vipers, next week, but this week we chat shortly about episode 2, Smithereens, and then spend most of the time going over the last episode, Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too, which we found enjoyable and compelling for many reasons. We appreciate this season of Black Mirror for how it seems to be holding up the mirror to us right now. We think fans of the show hated this season exactly because this one, arguably more than any other, called us out on our bullshit and yet we still engaged in it anyway…like we may have immediately Googled the ending of Smithereens…or we may or may not still be boppin’ our asses off to On A Roll..

Oh honey.

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