235 Democratic Debates, Rounds 1 & 2 (Plus More About The Handmaid’s Tale…We Know, We Know.)

We’re chatting today about the first two rounds of the Democratic debates, and we are talking about episode 7 of season 3 of The Handmaid’s Tale because they’ve seriously gone too far.

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I snuck in like three or four bad political jokes…

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Content Warning: we talk about The Handmaid’s Tale’s most recent episode with spoilers, which include a black woman being hung and a black woman being attacked by a white woman. (For reference, our Handmaid’s Tale discussion starts at 28:30 and ends at 1:28:15) The Handmaid’s Tale This show has long been on our radar as a tale of White Feminism masquerading as revolution, a show that is doing a terrible disservice to its source material and the times we live in, but this week’s episode puts it in the official realm of white supremacist propaganda. Please read Max S. Gordon’s article (linked below), he outlines everything wrong with this series beautifully: A little Respect, Just a Little Bit: On White Feminism and How “The Handmaid’s Tale” is Being Weaponized Against Women of Color (Medium) The Democratic Debates We talk about presidential candidate debates in general, and our initial impressions of the first two rounds of Democratic debates this year. Please see the link below for the YouTube watchlist of key candidates responses spliced together without interruption: Decision 2020 (YouTube)
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    • I totally agree on handmaid’s tale, I did start out loving it as a horror series but it’s heading towards unwatchable.
      For me the best way to learn about our Dem candidates has been listening to pod save America. They I have tried to interview every candidate and if you are interested you can easily find the episodes because it’s in the title of that episode. it’s not just mixed in although they do sometimes have the candidates on the show for a short interview.

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