246 Contextualizing Context: Nuance’s Best Friend.

We had a few loose but important threads this week to pluck and ponder that were all united along the theme of context; something that we’re often told doesn’t matter by rigid SJW scripts or, conversely, is exploited by oppressors out to avoid criticism.

In This Episode

Advice Question

From Ana (she/her)

My “good intentions” lead to me assaulting an intoxicated stranger by violating their consent and bodily autonomy (not in a sexual way, but it was still really bad). They called me out on it, I apologized and took appropriate action. They forgave me. I know better and I still did something terrible like that. What do I do to make sure this never happens again and also to restore justice?

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Main Topic

Ana’s question is actually part of the main topic today, as we felt it was a great example of context. We take a deep dive into “SJW Ally Scripts” and how they fail us from not accounting for context or for treating other humans as, well, actual people and not tokens.

We also talk about the way men exploit the context of a situation to get permission and immunity from the people with less power or privilege around them, a blank check, if you will, for their behavior that might be oppressive, offensive, or inappropriate (and how this can and is done by any group that has this power over those around them and can be situational) by using an example from Conan O’Brien’s podcast’s interview with Dana Carvey.

We talk about comedy, and chase down a few stray thoughts along the way.

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