248 Book Review: The Testaments – A Giddy Romp Through Gilead!

We’re being totes topical for the second week in a row by discussing The Testaments, the new novel by Margaret Atwood that is a sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale. Also an advice question about helping very young vegans cope with seeing others consume animals without vilifying them or getting overwhelmed.

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Advice Question

From Lidia (she/her)

Paraphrased: Lidia asked about how to talk to very young children who have been raised vegan when they see others eating animals and categorize them as “bad people” immediately or get very upset.

We gave our thoughts on this topic but as two people without kids, we though it would be good to open it up to the community, too. So, if you are on Facebook, you can follow the conversation in the VWPA Society thread we started for this question.


What do you call James Bond in a hot tub? Thanks, I-donzo!

Main Topic

We do a spoiler-free section and then do a spoiler-full chat for The Testaments this week. Overall, we found the book highly readable, an engaging fast-paced romp through the events placed 15 years after The Handmaid’s Tale. Despite being so enjoyable, the book is a far cry from the timeless classic structure and purpose of the first book. Would definitely recommend as entertainment, as a great reimagining of what the TV show could’ve been more like, but not as a true sequel to the first novel.

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