254 Discussing Whiteness and Humanity.

In preparation for our collaborative episode with Aph Ko next week, we’re talking about Whiteness with a capital W – What is it? Who is it? What is White privilege? How does it relate to our humanity and who has access to human rights? How does racialization link to animalization, and why should vegans care? Listen to find out!

In This Episode


  • Correction: By Any Means Necessary = Malcolm X, not MLK(Thanks, Amy!)
  • Addition to previous advice: Tell fat-shaming doctors to put it on your chart! (thanks, Nicole!)

Episode Outline

  1. Definition
  2. White privilege 
  3. White Identity & White Pride
  4. Performing Whiteness 
  5. White people bullshit





One comment

  • Thank you so much for the portion on cancel culture. I’ve been feeling the exact same way but also way too afraid to say anything.
    So, again, thanks.

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