260 Listener Question: How Do Anti-Capitalists Make Money?

We got a great question this week from a listener who asked us how we anti-capitalists can make money when it contradicts our beliefs, so we dedicated the whole episode to this topic!

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Why can’t anarchists draw straight lines?

Main Topic

We received a listener question this week regarding how to navigate making money while also being anti-capitalist. This is something we’ve touched on in bits and pieces over the years but welcomed the opportunity to go more in-depth about it in one episode.

Listener Question

Submitted by Collette

How do we make money as anticapitalists?

I love the show and would love to hear your take on this question. It eats many of us up and I think you could take a deep look in many directions in an episode. Just heard some of Nicole’s take on it at the end of your episode with Andy on anticapitalist veganism, but dying to hear any more thoughts you have developed and other stuff you and other anarchists may be struggling with in more detail. 

One comment

  • This episode exactly what I needed to hear as someone that sets expectations too high. I’m currently underemployed doing 20hrs a week food delivery gig work and getting EBT (food stamps). One of the things that’s held me back from getting a job with benefits is the extremely high standards I have as a leftist. If I’m concentrating wealth, they don’t recycle, I’m driving, I’m designing ads for Pizza Hut… the list goes on… I can’t do it, I refuse. This leaves me living in poverty which is not cool! I am an activist who really shows up, but I can’t show up if I don’t have somewhere to lay my head at night. It was good to hear the confirmation that just as there’s no ethical consumption under capitalism, there’s also no ethical employment. You really helped me stop being so ridiculously principled that I sabotaged myself.
    Also liked that you all emphasized spreading information to raise consciousness. From a mental health perspective this is just helping our brothers and sisters to come out of denial about how this system hurts all but the super rich. This is the next logical step. Requisite to making change.
    Near the end you all started musing on what type of employer you would be, how would you give your employees more. As a former business owner and employer i would say all businesses are operating under this system and the problem isn’t that they are run by mean “moutache twisting” people. Just like all private business owners, you will not be incentivized to be nice to your employees. It depends what type of business you have, but it could be anti competitive so you might find yourself putting it off. One thing I hope people will consider, should they ever take the risk to start a business, is to own the business collectively with your friends, you are all workers and owners aka “member owners”. Here in California we have a business entity designation (like LLC or C corp) Cooperative enterprise. The great thing about Worker Owned Coops (WOCs) is they aren’t extractive of labor, everyone shares in the surplus aka profit. Also they have a better survival rate than privately owned businesses. So just putting that idea out there.
    Great show, excellent topic, great ideas!!

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