261 Veganuary, Health Veganism, and International Movements with Jaime K!

We had planned to talk about Veganuary this week when we saw our friend Jaime K post about it on her social media and thought, hey, let’s collab! The three of us discuss the potential dark side of Veganuary in the way it has been co-opted by those who profit off of health veganism.

In This Episode

Jaime K, Callie and Nichole discuss Veganuary, health veganism, colonization through viral movements, ableism, sizeism, and more in this brief (for us!) episode collaboration.

About Our Guest

Jaime Karpovich, “Jaime K”, is a vegan plus size queer femme writer and speaker. She was nominated for an Emmy for her vegan TV show “Save the Kales”. By day, she works for a children’s literacy campaign. She leads workshops and writes about inclusive veganism, diet culture, self-esteem, and queer identities; and lives in Easton, Pennsylvania.

You can find Jaime on:

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