263 The Rise of Shit-talker: Y’all, We Need to Talk About Star Wars.

We tried to fight it, we held off for weeks, but, y’all…we need to talk about Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Spoilers ahead!
(We honestly feel this is one of our best episodes we’ve ever done, please listen even if you don’t give a fuck about Star Wars!)

In This Episode

Advice Question

I’d love to ask you a question. I’ve read many vegan forums and couldn’t believe what people’s stance is. Would love to get yours. I ate some vegan chocolates the other day. Was reading the ingredients and back of package. Realized that the chocolates were made in a facility that process milk products. A) there could be traces of milk in the vegan items. How can they claim it’s vegan and how are vegans ok with it being processed in animal product facility. I’m very upset about it and I’m only a transitioning vegan. Most vegans don’t care that it’s processed in that type of facility. What’s your stance?


Why is Kylo Ren so angry?

Main Topic

This week we finally cave and talk about the latest and final installment in the Constellation Battles saga. The movie was eating at us ever since we saw it opening weekend and after watching several analyses of it (links to some of our faves below), we felt obligated to weigh-in.

Beyond our feelings about whether the movie was good or not, we could not move beyond issues we saw with racism and homophobia, as well as a narrative that essentially supports eugenics, completely trashed Leia’s/Carrie Fisher’s legacy, erased an important lesson about avoiding abusive relationships and self-love.


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