265 A Whiskey Goodbye to VWPA: A Retrospective.

In typical VWPA fashion, we made the sudden decision to launch “Bitchy Shitshow” next week, so this week we are here with our very last VWPA episode, looking back at our first episode and examining how our thinking has changed over the years; also talking politics and SJW bullshit.

In This Episode

Next week, we’ll be launching “Bitchy Shitshow” and retiring VWPA, so this week we’re here to say goodbye to a wonderful, hard, messy, awesome, frustrating, magical phase of our lives and look forward to the next adventure. We hope you all will come along for the ride!

We look back at our very first episode called “The Opposite of Right is….” where we take a very black and white view on doing harm, and discuss how our perspective has evolved over the years and what we think of this topic today. We roam into talks of politics and cancel culture. There’s a lot of laughs and passion (read: anger, especially from Nichole, she was all fired up during this one) and when we pulled off our headphones, there were tears in our eyes.

Thank you for all the support and love, and please join us on the new show!


  • I discovered your show in November (2019) when I went vegan and have been binge listening from the first snow and I’m currently on episode 63…. And now you’re finished! Well I’ll keep listening and eventually catch up to where you are now, though I’ll admit I’m a bit sad to see it’s over… Thanks for all the interesting episodes, it has really sparked a lot of conversations between my partner and I! Thanks for all you do, you two are really fun and smart.

    • Thank you for the lovely words! Please follow us over at Bitchy Shitshow, launching this week (aiming for Tuesday) – it’ll be more of the same, but better! We have a lineup for February that we’re really excited about, all revolving around sex and relationships in terms of consent, sex work, capitalism, etc.

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