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215 Advice Question: Moderating While Privileged?

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We got a thoughtful question from long-time listener Jackson about moderating marginalized folks while being a person who has a lot of privilege. Having had some experience with this ourselves, we tackle this quandary and the bigger philosophical issues around it with our usual gusto!

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212 Lotsa News + Advice Question: The Ethics of Working a Non-Vegan Job

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Today we discuss some current events at length, and then talk about a question posed by a member of the VWPA Society that questions the ethics of having a job that is not vegan, and that might require you to go directly against your vegan morals.

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208 Staying Strong in the New Year

Person holding fist up against a yellow background, text says Staying Strong in the New Year

Hello kittens, Happy New Year! Considering the last two years have been rough, and the next two are not showing any signs of slowing, we’re here today to talk about how we can stay strong in the upcoming months.

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207 Advice! Government, Veganuary, Fighting with Family, and Service Animals

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This week we’re tackling questions from our listeners, including a WIDE range of topics, everything from what form of government/economy should replace capitalism, down to the good ‘ol traditional friction with family over veganism.

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