About VWPA

We chose the name “Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack!” because it reflects us taking strong stances on tough topics and “attacking” them head on! We want our tongue-in-cheek name to be a cute reminder that all of us vegans are total badasses by being and staying vegan in this carnist world. Our fellow vegans should feel powerful and empowered!

The Podcast
Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack! is a podcast with in-depth, firey discussions of social justice issues by two modern day vegan warrior princesses!

Taking a pro-intersectional approach to their activism, Callie and Nichole “attack” a wide range of topics from an anti-capitalist, feminist, anarchist, vegan perspective. Episodes can cover anything from why everyone should be anti-mass incarceration to why the movie Interstellar is a sexist, pro-colonialist piece of garbage. We talk dating advice, boundaries, consent culture, advocating for yourself and your ethics, how to build community, and doing vegan activism in a way that is not oppressive. Plus, rants, tangents, dad jokes and more from two hilariously and unapologetically angry women.

The show is meant to be a source of support and community for people already dedicated to the vegan lifestyle, but we also welcome new vegans and those who are veg-curious to get a peek behind the curtain of vegan life. We’re hoping to cultivate a sense of community so that VWPs with no support can feel like they are connected to their vegan brethren and have a space to vent or feel understood.

Each episode is 90-120 minutes long (though some can go looong haha), highlighting current vegan news and happenings around the globe, then exploring one topic at length. The girls approach each topic with humor and respect, hoping to make you laugh as much as they make you think. Feedback and thoughts are always welcomed!

The Vegan Advice Column
VWPA’s vegan advice column answers questions for people who prefer to read than to listen to a podcast, or who want more in between each episode. We want to help vegans and non-vegans alike by answering tough, silly or outrageous questions each Friday. The questions don’t have to be vegan-related, we are happy to answer general life, love and work questions as well 🙂

Interact with Us!
So bring your badass-self and give us a listen. We’d love to hear from our Warrior Princesses (guys can be princesses too!) if you resonate with any of the topics, have a question for our vegan advice column, or have something you want to add to the discussion, you can connect with us in the comment sections here, on Facebook or on Twitter.

Vegan! Warrior! Princesses! …Attack!!!!

About the Princesses

(radiant in green) has been vegan since Labor Day weekend 2013. She was catapulted into the lifestyle after reading Dr. Fuhrmans Eat to Live. Since then, she has read several books about vegan issues and has become a passionate ethical vegan.

Callie’s long talks with Nichole over the deep emotions of shock and horror that this new information created in her lead her to ask Nichole to start a podcast – she envisioned a place where these issues could be discussed at length and with great thought.

(grinning in glasses) went vegan in 2009 after doing gobs of research on how to be at a healthy weight without having to diet. The first two years of her veganism were mostly focused on health and environmental impact. Like Callie, once she started reading more and watching more specifically vegan documentaries, she also became a passionate ethical vegan.

Nichole has a vegan food blog that she’s run since 2011 called VeganSpin, where she posts vegan recipes, discusses vegan news, and reviews vegan products and restaurants.

Nichole had long wanted to create a podcast, but felt it would be better with two people. When Callie asked her to start one with her, Nichole was elated!

Both girls
have never looked back since going vegan and are thrilled to have a platform to share their passion and joy with the world.

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