255 Portland VegFest 2019 – Fat Liberation with Andy & Chelsea

This week we are excited to share the recording of the Portland VegFest talk that Callie did with Andy Tabar (The Bearded Vegans) and Chelsea […]

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251 Portraying White Male Rage: Raising Dion vs Joker

black and white image of a crowd of people

This week we watched the new Netflix series, Raising Dion. While we didn’t totally love it, (this cereal scene in particular stressed us tf out!), we were VERY impressed by the themes in the show and the lessons on boundaries and entitlement.

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227 The End of the World, Space Stuff… and A Complete Tear-Down of Minority Report

We continue our discussion from last week of space stuff and existential threats that could end humanity, before we rip into the movie Minority Report […]

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224 A Different Take On Identity Politics

A brick wall with graffiti that says: If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes politics.

And unsettling theme is emerging among neoliberals… In striving for more diverse representation, are we starting to prioritize a candidates identity, over their actual policy positions?

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220 Nichole, Molly and Everett Answer Your Gender Questions

Fun shapes and colors for an 80s vibe graphic.

This week Nichole is joined by guest hosts Molly Woodstock (from the Gender Reveal podcast) and Everett to answer listener submitted questions about gender!

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179 The Equal Rights Amendment with Guest Host Molly Woodstock

Callie is joined by guest host Molly Woodstock of the Gender Reveal podcast to talk about the Equal Rights Amendment! Should it be ratified? Do we even still need it? Will it do more harm than good? Callie and Molly discuss this relic of send wave feminism and it’s modern day implications in this Trump era nightmare we’re living in.

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169 Bodily Autonomy

This week we discuss bodily autonomy. Our culture shows us in many ways that we don’t have true control over our bodies, so it’s no wonder that we can’t imagine a culture based on affirmative consent when we’ve been taught since childhood that there are times our autonomy can be violated or ‘overruled.’

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146 Movie Review: 500 Days of Summer

We’re in London and just gave our speech at VegFest London! To unwind we did one of our favorite things… watched a movie and then ripped it apart! We are joined by our good friend Marine from a privileged vegan.

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