B003 Bonus Episode! Democratic Debate 2020 and Lizzie v Bernie Drama

Inspired by (a.k.a. enraged by) the CNN Democratic Debate on January 14, 2020, we decided to do a bonus episode this week to talk about key points we wish the candidates and moderators were addressing, as well as our thoughts about the Warren-Sanders drama and the SJW reaction online.

In This Episode

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We talk about the recent Democratic Debate in terms of issues that continuously come up but are never properly addressed, namely, single-payer healthcare and free public education, as well as the way that no one goes in on candidates like Pete Buttigieg the way they should on certain issues.

We also address the Elizabeth Warren / Bernie Sanders “feud” in terms of SJW scripts run rampant on the internet, a call for us to use critical thinking skills in light of political tactics rather than following ally scripts, and not confusing issues like this with sexual assault claims.



  • the reason Bernie doesn’t explain that poor people won’t be covered under Buttigeg’s means-tested plan is because older folks (my generation, over 45) have been conditioned by the neo-libs to think of poor folks as burdens. They think if they exclude the poor they might end up getting rich. it’s insane but I think that’s why Bernie doesn’t want to look to “pro-poor”.

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