Bonus content: Staying in or Leaving Abusive Situations – Our Stories with Abuse

  As mentioned in episode #082 Knowing When to Walk Away, Callie and Nichole get personal and talk about their personal stories with abuse and whether they walked away or stayed and what the result was. This episode is extra content that didn’t make it into the episode so it’s not super concise or well organized… But we are hoping that by sharing our deeply personal stories it may help someone who is or has gone similar situations. To those that are or have dealt with abuse, our hearts go out to you! Please know that you are not alone, and though it may take time, healing is possible. Thank you for letting us share <3
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    • Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. Somehow hearing your stories, particularly about not being believed, makes me feel validated about my own experiences with a narcissistic parent.
    • I’ve been binge listening to the show and plan on being all caught up by episode 100 but this episode really spoke to me. I’ve been through pretty difficult situations myself and I know how it can be to feel or be trapped in a horrible situation. I want to send you both some love and I’m thankful you were both willing to share something so personal. You two are wonderful and I’m glad I found this podcast.

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