B002 Bonus Episode! More on Privilege, Power & Choosing Whiteness

We had some more to say so we sat down to create a lil extra content this week. Plus, Patreon tier updates!

In This (Extra) Episode


We updated our Patreon with new tiers. We will be messaging all Patrons to notify you, but please review your tiers and make sure you take advantage of your rewards. Also note that you have to manually sign up for a tier, so make sure to do that if you want to be part of a tier.

New Tier Structure

  • $1: Fame! We thank you on the show
  • $5: Access! You get early or exclusive access to bonus content
  • $10: Answers! You get to ask us a question about anything that we answer on the show
  • $25: Swag! You get an awesome VWPA tote. Seriously, we love this bag

Main Topic

We go back over a few aspects of our latest episodes, particularly around privilege and the concept of “choosing” whiteness. And we gush over Max S. Gordon’s latest essay (link below, please read). Plus, a very random rant at the end about online dating and normies ¯_(ツ)_/¯ 


(these are all amazing, seriously, please read/listen)

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