#193 Badges Not Welcome Here: On Refusing Service to Law Enforcement, “Blue Lives,” Resistance, Self-Care, and Punching Up

This week we talk about Rocky Coronado’s refusal to serve law enforcement from her food truck in Detroit, and thoughts it raised for us around authority, compliance, cops’ right to kill when feeling threatened, and much more.

In This Episode

Thank you to VWPA Society member, Lisa, for posting about Rocky Coronado’s public refusal to serve law enforcement agents at her vegan food truck, Rocky’s Road Brew, in Detriot, MI last week. The linked article and our last news item brought up a lot of thoughts for us around the bizarre acceptance in the United States for cops and other law enforcement agents to kill when they feel at all threatened or even disrespected, and the concept that “being rude/uncooperative” with authority figures means you deserve whatever trouble follows.

We talk about how this is NOT “reverse discrimination,” as well the importance of self-care when taking a stand, particularly such a public and potentially dangerous one as this.

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