208 Staying Strong in the New Year

Person holding fist up against a yellow background, text says Staying Strong in the New Year

Hello kittens, Happy New Year! Considering the last two years have been rough, and the next two are not showing any signs of slowing, we’re here today to talk about how we can stay strong in the upcoming months.

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207 Advice! Government, Veganuary, Fighting with Family, and Service Animals

Two people holding coffee cups on a white marble table with holiday oriented decorations

This week we’re tackling questions from our listeners, including a WIDE range of topics, everything from what form of government/economy should replace capitalism, down to the good ‘ol traditional friction with family over veganism.

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205 Ranty Recap of the Two Worst Holiday Romance Movies EVER: Christmas with a View and Christmas Wedding Planner

After mentioning bad holiday romance movies a couple weeks ago, Nichole and Callie are back to do quick ranty recaps of the two worst ones. We watched them so you don’t have to! Be prepared for us laughing so hard we can’t breathe as we recall improbable plotlines and terrible acting.

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204 Interview with Mark Hawthorne: Activism, the Animal Rights Movement, and the 10th Anniversary Edition of Striking at the Roots!

We are FINALLY interviewing our friend and esteemed vegan author, Mark Hawthorne, about the 10th anniversary edition of his groundbreaking book, Striking at the Roots! Throughout the course of the conversation, we talk about activism, what changes he’s seen in the last ten years in the movement, what to do about hero worship, and much more!

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202 Media We’re Watching: Wicked, Supergirl, The Connors & Elementary

Taking a break from our usual hate-watching, we’re talking about media we are enjoy-watching today! Media that is pushing a liberal agenda, breaking down the walls of privilege, and showing non-traditional relationships.

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200 A Very Random Episode

An episode so random, we didn’t even know it was our 200th! So, whoo for us. We talk about the Trump administration, voting, and then some things that came up in the VWPA Society – namely, guidelines for talking about autism, calling cow’s milk a “secretion,” and lab-grown meat and obligatory carnivore companion animals.

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