097 On The 2016 Presidential Election: Third Party Voting, Othering, Safety Pins, and What We Can Do Now

The Princesses tackle the election this week, discussing everything from third party voting to the hot debate over wearing safety pins, and some tips for what we can do now the Cheeto-Jesus is president elect.  

In This Episode

Disheartened by the election results, and the election in general, Nichole and Callie try to tackle some tough topics surrounding the post-election atmosphere, namely the hate and vitriol that’s being thrown around at third party voters, non-voters and, yes, even Trump voters. We dig into how it is shortsighted to alienate and other people that we will need on our side to protect our rights during the looming presidency. We discuss the safety pin movement, ally theater, and what we can do now to effect change.   We hit a lot of complex and difficult topics in this episode, and as carefully as we tried to flesh out our opinions and ideas, there was so much that we left out or still have to say about this. If you want to further the discussion, the VWPA Society on Facebook is a great place to work through the themes brought up here.

Links and Information

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What Do We Do Now? Safety Pins
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