113 Documentary Review: What the Health

Today we review the latest vegan health-related documentary, What the Health, by the makers of Cowspiracy!

In This Episode

We were honored to be invited to prescreen What the Health, the latest hard-hitting documentary by Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn, the creators of Cowspiracy. While disappointed by a few things in the film, mostly the continuation of fat-shaming and promoting veganism as a magical cure-all, we found the documentary incredibly effective, engaging and entertaining. We highly, highly recommend it. Even as two people who came into veganism through health, we were stunned by the amount of information that was new to us. Be aware that there is a lot of footage of dead animals being processed, and there’s some really disgusting footage of pus that has rendered Nichole unable to eat ever again. What the Health will be available online from March 16-20 only, you can pre-order or arrange a screening on their website here: http://www.whatthehealthfilm.com/

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    • Great discussion. Just wanted to point out about the Medicare thing, is that Medicare is the program that everyone is entitled to when they turn 65. Medicaid is the program for lower economic people under 65. So they were probably talking about the presence of diabetes in the elderly.
    • Loved this episode! Can’t wait to watch this film. I couldn’t agree more that we need to stop “selling” veganism as the magic pill for insert here: -automatic weight loss/ never getting cancer/ world peace- We have such a black and white way of thinking as humans, we think that if it isn’t perfect in every way it’s not worth it, when in fact a single person or action can create change, and even small changes help and add up. Thanks as always for your amazing work ladies!
    • When the woman who “healed after two weeks” started throwing her antidepressants away I was so shocked. Some moments of this film were interesting, but there were so many unnecessary dramatic additions that seemed unsafe or just added for shock value. Loved this podcast episode and thanks again for the work that you do!
    • More facts, less drama please. I am a vegetarian and will eventually go vegan given the available products so I am already “on board”.
      The film really missed some opportunities to be excellent for several reasons: (1) was too confrontational with the food industry interviews. He was not prepared for interviews, should have worn a suit and listened more without leading the interviewee. (2) He cherry-picked the literature — academically dishonest (3) There is a complex cause and effect relationship between the food industry and what consumers want. That was ignored. (4) Oversimplified the medical issues.
      It could have really been an excellent film if the film-maker was more professional and stayed away from propaganda. That really diminished the message to me.
    • Hey guys! I’ve been vegan for one month. I always had it as a distant goal because I knew it’s immoral but didn’t have the mental fortitude to give up meat because it’s delicious and easy. However, after watching this documentary, and specifically the graphic images, it jolted me and forced me to come to terms with my cognitive dissonance. So to your point about not supporting the use of graphic images in these types of documentaries, I respectfully disagree. Images are extremely powerful and make it easier to remind yourself of why you’re going vegan, especially in the beginning. Also, I’ve listened to 3 of your podcasts and I love you girls! I’m trying to get my girlfriend to listen to you. Adam
        • Also, at dinner tonight my waitress also told me that the What the Health documentary converted her recently! As a scientific skeptic, I could see that the host was using specific studies to make his point rather than established consensus which is misleading, however, the overarching points stand. It’s wrong to contribute to this level of suffering, and it’s unhealthy for us. 🙂 keep up the good work!

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