I Am A Vegan Bodybuilder

  In 2012 I decided to take part in a fitness model competition at a local expo. To do this I decided I would need two things; a book and ethics. I found Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness by Robert Cheeke. In those pages I found inspiration to GO VEGAN and never look back. My journey began as an eleven year old child that chose to be a vegetarian since I wanted to be just like my big sister. I spent most of my life as an ethical vegetarian. I refrained from using leather and products tested on animals whenever possible. Admittedly I was not perfect and often I would find horrible products in my possession! When I was 20 I met the first ever ‘vegan’. I didn’t understand the difference between vegan and vegetarian. And while she attempted to educate me I was not at all ready to take on any new lifestyle. From the ages of 20-29 I lived as a ‘flexitarian’. Sometimes I was a strict vegetarian, other times I would eat some animals. I was all over the show, paying more attention to being a young adult than my ethics. In 2008 I met another friend. She transitioned from lifetime vegetarian to vegan. She insisted that I do it too! I gave up dairy happily, but my home had chickens and I continued to eat their eggs. But in 2009 when I moved to New Zealand I vowed to go vegan! And I did for about 18 months. I only did because I felt like it was an opportunity to try the lifestyle. It was easy and I was happy. But then I met a man. So for another year or so I ate like an omnivore! But that all changed when I decided to be a vegan bodybuilder! Vegan bodybuilding has kept me focused and committed to veganism like never before. Being a strong compassionate person keeps me inspired and focused every day! The community of vegan bodybuilders is passionate and exciting! Vegan gains that I have made via a vegan fitness lifestyle keep me wanting more, and feeling empowered and happy every workout and every meal! Vegan bodybuilding provides a platform (even a stage) to promote veganism in a community that has very little experience with vegans. Flexing my muscles I say loud and proud “these muscles are plant built!” As my vegan ‘journey’ continues I remain dedicated to my fitness goals using my physique to promote the vegan lifestyle. I am aware that Veganism is more than a hot bod, but health vegans become ethical vegans and I reach out to them as I find them the easiest to promote veganism to – at least that’s my strength. Vegan. Feminist. Food Justice. Human Rights. Anti- Capitalist. Anti- Racist. Activist. VEGAN says all this and much much more!  
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