I Am A Vegan Cosplayer

Hello everyone! My name is Rose, but many know me as “That Vegan Cosplayer”. Before I get into what being a vegan cosplayer means, I guess I’ll go into a little bit of my background so people can see how the dots were connected throughout my life.

Ever since I could pick up a pencil, I delved into all forms of art. While my main go-to’s are drawing and writing, I also paint, craft and sew. I’ve always aced all art courses taken in K through 12, did art courses on the side (like watercolor courses for five years) and majored in Studio Art at Cal State Long Beach. I was always known as a great artist, along with being very creative throughout my life.

Aside from my artistic nature, I’ve always been known as a compassionate animal lover. My parents and family always noted how good I was with animals ever since I was a child. I stood up for them ever since I was little, even stopping other kids from stepping needlessly on insects. At age 13, my brother and friend showed me video footage from slaughterhouses, and I pretty much instantly went vegetarian. How could I have eaten animals all my life and called myself an animal lover? As I grow older, my knowledge expanded further and further into animal rights.

At age 21, I became a vegan and had joined Cal State Long Beach’s animal rights club Cease Animal Torture. I also joined animal rights organizations in my area and hit the streets and college campus protesting, leafletting and animal with events aimed at veganism and animal rights. Tactics for me ranged from handing out pamphlets with a smile, to announcing elephants facts in a loudspeaker at circuses, to dancing in a dog mascot outfit in front of pet stores to dissuade people from shopping there!

Now, as someone who works in an office by day, dedicating hours to both the animal rights cause and intense artwork has become more and more difficult. How could I do two things I love so much with so little time when being A Responsible Adult (TM)? I squished together my love of cosplay (“officially” started in 2013) and veganism together to form…

…That Vegan Cosplayer!

While I have a myriad of social media blogs and sites, they all vary in content. While some things are mainly for costuming (my Facebook fan page), others are more personal and incredibly outspoken about veganism (my tumblr page). With any blogs I have, I always try to keep an open voice to both of my passions to assist those with questions about veganism, cosplay or even the two combined!

Over the years, I have collected resources and continue to do so to help those who love costuming but want animal-free products. (For example, replacements for leather and feathers, along with vegan make-up brands!) I help relate to others in the nerd and cosplay fandom who just don’t feel like they fit in with bacon culture, and I show others at conventions that I am just a normal person…who doesn’t eat any animal products! Sometimes I feel like I toe the line with both groups, like I don’t necessarily fit in with nerds or even with other vegans…

…but I don’t let that stop me, even on gloomy days. I can’t stop who I am, and I want to keep educating the cosplay world about veganism and introducing more vegans to nerdy hobbies like cosplay!

If anyone ever has any questions regarding veganism, costuming or both, feel free to swing my one of my sites and ask!

Contributor Bio

Rose is a Southern California cosplayer who can be found roaming around many conventions local to the Orange and Los Angeles county areas. She is a member of Agents of C.O.S.P.L.A.Y., a local cosplay group dedicated to the art of costuming and living by the motto that cosplay is for everyone!

Rose also dedicates time to Geeks 4 Kourageous Kids, an organization that attends charities for sick and needy children.

She has many different social media sites with a variety of posts dealing with veganism/animal rights, cosplay and other nerdy activities, human rights, politics and funny videos…to name just a few!

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