189 Bad News: We’re Already Living in a Dystopia. AKA Why Corporations are the Fucking WORST, Part, like, 54 or something

Callie stumbled onto some disturbing articles on The Intercept that sent us down the rabbit hole researching the scary shit that giant companies like Amazon and Google are up to. We realized that we’re already living in a dystopian corporatocracy, which we’re sure is no surprise to anyone. Buckle in, it’s pretty grim.  

In This Episode

So, this week in Everything is Real Real Bad Girl, we talk about the terrifying things that giant tech corps like Google and Amazon have been up to (or have been attempting to be up to). It’s…not good. Articles referenced for this episode: Joke in the Middle
What kind of lights did Noah use on the ark?

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One comment

    • Some good readings on this especially regarding Big Tech
      Weapons of Math Destructions (TED Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2u_eHHzRto). The book is really great.
      She is making the arguments I have been making for years about AI and machine learning. In my computer science department (at a major university) I was viewed and ostracised as paranoid and lunatic by professors and fellow PhD students. The Snowden revelations and the work aforementioned kind of vindicated me, I guess…??? Anyway good work.

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