245 Random News & Stuff: Turning Veal into Beef, Colonizing Spaaaaaace, How Much Work is Good For You, and more!

We’re switching up our format to replace news with an advice question, so this week we’re doin’ all news and other random stuff we’ve pinned to talk about that’s not enough for a full episode.

In This Episode

News Joke Why shouldn’t you tell secrets in a cornfield? Main Topic Welp, the news IS the main topic but to add a little detail, we dig into some articles we found on the interwebs that we found interesting but were not enough for an episode on their own. Due to crushing news depression (not even joking) we’re going to scrap the news segment for now and replace it with a listener question. If you want to submit a question for us to talk about, please send us an email or voicemail (contact information on our Contact page). We’re continuing our efforts to model and practice good self-care so we hope y’all will be supportive and we hope this format is equally, if not more so, enjoyable. Hope to hear from you, we love love love answering listener questions! <3
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