Submit an “I Am A Vegan” Story to Win a Driftwood Subscription!

We are looking for “I am a Vegan” stories for our blog! Each story submitted gets the author an entry into our Driftwood giveaway: one free copy of the latest edition (Issue #2) and a whole year subscription to the magazine!

The “I am a Vegan” series is intended to give all vegans, particularly those who feel marginalized by the mainstream vegan movement, a platform to share their vegan story and be heard in the community. You choose how you identify and want to tell your story. Maybe your story is “I am a Vegan Parent” or “I am a Gay Vegan” or “I am a Vegan Teacher” or, if you’re Nichole and Callie, “I am a Feminist Atheist Vegan Podcaster with a Corporate Job.” Whatever your story is, we want to hear it!

Submit your story to: [email protected] with at least one photo (or as many as you’d like us to publish!) and an optional bio (feel free to use the bio to promote your blog, social media accounts, etc.). All entries received on or before April 15 will be entered in the Driftwood giveaway, when one lucky winner will be chosen at random.

Feel free to reach out with any questions and good luck!

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