205 Ranty Recap of the Two Worst Holiday Romance Movies EVER: Christmas with a View and Christmas Wedding Planner

After mentioning bad holiday romance movies a couple weeks ago, Nichole and Callie are back to do quick ranty recaps of the two worst ones. We watched them so you don’t have to! Be prepared for us laughing so hard we can’t breathe as we recall improbable plotlines and terrible acting.  

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What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire? Thanks, Ally! Main Topic
The two movies we’re ranty recapping this week are both Canadian treasures available on Netflix: Christmas with a View and Christmas Wedding Planner. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen either (and we recommend you don’t!), our recaps will tell you everything you need to know about these nonsensical disasters. A light-hearted episode with a LOT of laughter as we continue to be a relaxed holiday mood. Christmas with a View Summary
Vivica A. Fox yells at her daughter, who seems fine. A celebrity chef comes to daughter’s ski resort with a “dark secret” that’s not even a little bit dark or secret. Daughter character flips the fuck out whenever chef-y boy tries to explain his total rational reactions to things. There’s a drunken heist and a city planner who is not at all boring, named Clive. Also an evil boss and an incredibly insensitively-timed engagement announcement. Best quote: “Looks like Santa is flying past both our houses this Christmas.” Sick burn, dude. Christmas Wedding Planner Summary
A woman starts a wedding planning business, and takes on her extraordinarily rich and high-profile cousin/sister/best-friend as a first client. An ex-boyfriend shows up to investigate the counsin/sister/best-friend’s fiance. There’s an evil, cold-hearted aunt/mother who is suddenly fine and not evil. The wedding planner and private investigator eat dinner once and hang out in a van. The last ten minutes of this otherwise boring movie are completely out of control and absolutely outrageous. Best quote: “Emily Emily Emily.”
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