Ugh, Really?! PETA’s “Vegans Last Longer” Campaign Really Grinds My Gears

PETA’s at it again and I’m all fired up…   Apparently their new conventionally-attractive-white-skinny-people-having-sex-because-sex-sells-but-only-as-long-as-everyone-looks-like-a-model campaign is “vegans last longer”…meaning vegan MEN last longer. So in addition to all the other problematic shit they do, they’re now reinforcing harmful expectations on men to “last” a long time and have rock-hard dicks. Just like the myth of the thin vegan, I’m sure there’s plenty of vegans with penises who still have performance issues and those people should NOT be shamed about it. Sidenote: speaking as a heterosexual woman, I do generally like my sex partners to “last” long enough to get me off. But, with the occasional exception (hello, tequila and/or hotel rooms while on vacation!), I don’t want to be railed endlessly like an oil derrick. I HATE this porn-fueled perpetuated myth that women constantly want to be plunged for hours on end. Sore and swollen are NOT sexy words in a world of skinny jeans. Plus, I have video games to get back to. ‪#‎sextruths‬ ‪#‎makelovenotporn‬ Also, I’m extremely disturbed by the air conditioner falling on the non-vegan guy at the end. WTF is the message supposed to be here? If you get off too quickly, you piss off your chick and get kicked out (also, thanks PETA for making women look like monsters who are mean and nasty when our hungry angry vaginas aren’t satisfied) and then you DIE?! Not cool, PETA. Not cool.
<3 Nichole
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