VWPA Advice 035: How Do I Politely Tell People to Fuck Off When They Challenge My Veg*nism?

I’m a 20 year old college student and I share an apartment with 3 other people. We buy and cook our own food so that’s not the issue, my issue comes in when it comes to comments about my food choices, especially when I’m meal prepping for the week. I typically meal prep on a Monday or Sunday for food to eat throughout the school week. Every single time I’m cooking something or eating something, my roommates feel the need to question me about every little detail of what I’m eating, or sometimes make comments like “that looks disgusting, there’s no meat on your plate!” etc. etc. […]

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VWPA Advice 031: On Being a Young Black Vegan. Guest Post by Aph Ko of Black Vegans Rock

I am sixteen, black and vegan and have been vegan for over a year now, but people still find ways discredit me left and right. The only images of “vegan” are thin, white 20-25 year old yogis, and for some reason because I don’t fit into this stereotype, I am often not taken seriously when I talk about Veganism. I always hear “it’s just a phase” or that by being vegan I’m “acting white”. Not only this, but animal rights groups (ie PETA) constantly make it clear that I’m not welcome in the vegan community. How can I prove to people that being different doesn’t make me illegitimate, and are there even people like me that exist? […]

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VWPA Advice #027: How Do I Get Full!? Guest Post by The Vegan RD Ginny Messina

I’m a new vegan-ish, as I like to call it. Although I have slipped up a few times on the dairy, I have not eaten meat in about three weeks. This is a huge feat for me because I, up until now, have been a MASSIVE meat eater. I’ve been wanting to go vegan for awhile but haven’t had to courage to make the change. Cowspiracy finally put me over the edge and I couldn’t feel better about the decision. Though it’s definitely taking some time to fully come to terms with and adjust to, I am excited for the journey ahead. […]

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