I Am a Vegan Fashion Designer

Hello, fellow Vegan Warriors! My name is Hannah, and I am 28 years old. I live in the UK with my two dogs, Sylvia and Elsie. I have been vegan for two years. Previous to that, I was vegetarian for 14 years. I am sure many of you here had a similar journey. I wanted to stop eating meat for as long as I can remember. My Dad wouldn’t let me become vegetarian as a child as he felt I would lack nutrients (same old story!). I finally managed to convince him when I was 12 years old. I have tried to discover why I was so compassionate towards animals from such a young age, but my parents can’t pinpoint a particular reason. I think it must be a combination of my Dad’s ambition and my Mum’s kindness. It made me a very determined person. Thankfully my Dad is completely supportive of my decisions now! As an adult, my life has become all about communicating my message to the world. I mainly do this through my work. As you will have read, I am a vegan fashion designer. I have spent the past two years completing my MA in Textile Design at university. I specialised in sustainability within the fashion industry. As a long-term activist that believes animals should be able to live free from exploitation and abuse, it was a natural progression for me to combine my two greatest passions, veganism and fashion. Once I began researching the use of animal products in the fashion industry I realised how closely linked animal rights are to human rights and environmental protection. Many see them as separate issues. But, in reality, they are connected in a variety of ways. For example, the production of cheap leather products in developing countries allows for the mistreatment of livestock. Processing the animals after slaughter requires the use of carcinogenic chemicals. Workers are often not given adequate protective clothing to complete the task. This chemical exposure can lead to health issues. The chemicals are then disposed of. As sanitation and safety laws are less strict in developing countries, local water supplies and crop fields are contaminated. It became apparent to me that the only way I could have total control of my personal contribution to the fashion industry was to set up my own business. I now operate from a small home studio. I ethically source organic cotton which I then dye using plant dyes. I complete all manufacturing myself ensuring there is full transparency. I am passionate about educating consumers of their impact and purchasing power and showing them how they can make positive changes to their shopping habits. I am committed to building an informed society. Thank you for taking the time to read this, as well as for all your support.
Contributor Bio Hannah Victoria is an independent ethical fashion designer and textile artist based in the U.K. She is passionate about educating consumers about animal rights, human rights, and environmental protection. After many years of working within the fashion industry and witnessing the destruction caused by the fast fashion business model, Hannah believes that we shouldn’t treat fashion as a disposable product. Because of this, everything in her collection is created using organic, fair trade cotton and is guaranteed vegan. Hannah is committed to building an informed society, so if you’d like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact her via the links provided. Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Hannah Victoria’s Website
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