216 Media Recommendations: Trashy TV that Isn’t Garbage & Advice: Am I Holding a Grudge or Just Having Good Boundaries?

Nichole is somehow sick AGAIN so we decided to take it a little easy this week and talk about guilty pleasure TV that manages to not be problematic, and answer a question from a listener about if she’s “holding a grudge” by sticking to her boundaries with her abusive mother-in-law.

In This Episode

News Joke in the Middle Why did Waldo go to therapy? Thanks, Katherine! TV Recommendations
  • Black Lightning (Netflix | The CW): Black-centric superhero show with awesome queer and female representation.
  • The Orville (Hulu | Fox): A shockingly good sci-fi, Star Trek-inspired show that tackles gay and trans issues, religion, diplomacy around conflicting ethics, and more.
  • Sex Education (Netflix): Gillian Anderson stars as a sex therapist whose awkward son becomes a sex therapist for other teens at his school. Handles consent, body acceptance, self-esteem, sexuality, inexperience, and other high school issues really well.
  • You (Netflix): Nichole is OBSESSED (hehe, get it?? They do this kind of joke a LOT) with this show; about a stalker from the stalker’s point-of-view. Always frames his behavior as disturbing, not romantic, and has a lot of surprisingly “woke” lines about white privilege, gay acceptance, etc.
Advice Question Submitted by Sarah, she/her pronouns “When is something “holding a grudge” and something “protecting yourself from toxic people”? A little background – my mother in law is a very narcissistic person who has said/done many hurtful things in the entire 11 years that my husband and I have been together. After a recent blow up by her, my husband and I have made the decision to keep our son away from her (at least for the time being) and she accused me of holding a grudge over a text she sent us. I feel like holding a grudge is over one thing. However, after repeated abuse from her, I feel that it’s protecting ourselves, not holding grudges. What do you think? How does forgiveness work in there? Should you ever forgive someone for being verbally abusive to you (repeatedly with no changing)? And if you don’t is that just holding a grudge?”
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